Fall of 2016 was Ushuaia, South Georgia, and Antarctica. The icebergs made me giggle they were so beautiful. I keep thinking I need to work on my palette knife skills because these are begging to become big slabs of paint.


A few watercolors done on board ship during the voyage.


Aspen Ideas

Art Installation for The Aspen Ideas Festival 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018. There were several challenges in this project not the least of which was the technical one of suspending the “stained glass” within the armature of the sculpture in an outdoor installation subject to wind and weather. Then there is the challenge of how do you keep the visuals fresh year after year. Fortunately these are so dynamic and sensitive to different light at different times of day playing with shadows on pavement, on grass, on deep water, on shallow water makes these “the same” but “different” for each year.

Installation for The Aspen Ideas Festival 2018

Installation for The Aspen Ideas Festival 2017

Installation for The Aspen Ideas Festival 2015

Installation for The Aspen Ideas Festival 2014


I used to go to museums and find a bench.. the painting closest to the bench is the one I’d draw.



You never know what you’ll find on a road trip. I experimented with digitally manipulated photographs for awhile.. it seems the photo editing software has finally caught up with what Photoshop was capable of 2 decades ago….



Installation in a private home of a Papier-mâché Plane Tree (1996) it needed a little repair work in 2016 after an enthusiastic guest poked a hole in it to find out how it was made- wish they’d just looked at the in progress pictures on line.

Papier-mâché Tree

Just one thing

I went down to the Santa Fe Opera to see Allen Moyer’s Design for Sun Yat Sen. These are a few sketches I did while watching the piano rehearsal.

I’d just read  about Neri Oxman’s Geodesic Dome made by silk worms. These are begging to be on silk… or maybe the silk worms could make the images…

Sun Yat Sen by Huang Ruo