Fall of 2016 was Ushuaia, South Georgia, and Antarctica. The icebergs made me giggle they were so beautiful. I keep thinking I need to work on my palette knife skills because these are begging to become big slabs of paint.


A few watercolors done on board ship during the voyage.


The Constant Wife

Chinoiserie wallpaper for “The Constant Wife” designed by Allen Moyer for the Roundabout (Scenic Supplier). 2005


Associate Designer to IKDZ inc. TNT & CNN 1989-2004


Texture, Patterns, Organic Movement…. there are over 3 trillion trees on Earth and every one has a poetry of it’s very own… (and they talk to each other- no- really they do- listen to Suzanne Simard’s TED talk.)


Grand Canyon Rocks

Grand Canyon  2011